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Since 1992 we at Milano for Men have dedicated ourselves to provide the best customer service, and stand as a pillar in our local community. Our many long time customers have benefited with our help for many years. From their graduations to their big interview, from the first date to their wedding day. We believe in getting to know our customers and giving them the personal touch so that you may find the clothing necessary to reflect your unique personality, and let you look your best, whatever the occasion. At Milano for Men, We Don't Take Fashion Casually. 

New Introduction to Milano For Men, Paul Betenly

Paul Betenly is truly an international brand.  The creative process begins in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles where they design their products, based on their international research as well as their specific understanding of the needs of Canadian clients.


Paul Betenly’s fabric design team is based in Milan, where they take creative ideas to develop the yarn and fabric specifications. These are then given to a state-of-the art production facilities in China where they utilize the best global technology available. Machinery comes from Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries worldwide where there is expertise in the manufacturing of quality tailored clothing. Many of the factory managers have their roots in German or Italian factories.


Bottom line…… it is a team of dedicated professionals from around the world that contribute to the wonderful Paul Betenly product worn by Canadians from St John's to Victoria!

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